What the Future of Internet Entertainment Entails

What will the future of entertainment on the Internet bring? Theater, radio, television, landlines, computers, smart phones, what is next? Interactive entertainment.

Entertainment delights us through sound and sight. Engaging every human sense is the future of entertainment through making the experiences feel as real, intense, and immersive as possible. Humanity originally presented information using only voice. To absorb the increasing volume of information and data, we create images. Visualizing elements through infographics is incredibly useful for organization and memory in our brains. Soon, the visuals will become interactive like holograms (see picture).

(I’m writing this on May 4th, so I will celebrate Star Wars in this way).

Another strong sense is smell. Will information transfer soon be mastered via smells? It would be interesting to watch a play or movie based on sense of smell (or taste) only. The sense of touch is also very important. This sense could be utilizing with the implementation of virtual reality in entertainment, whether that’s in the form of movies, games, or other fun medium (this is very exciting!). Already there are several companies vying for the virtual reality market leader position. Sony and Facebook have already massively shipped virtual reality headsets. These virtual headsets deliver a strong sense of presence in their accompanying games, making the player feel as though they’ve stepped inside the game’s world. These computer simulations are going to be nearly indistinguishable from reality. If you are really curious about this progressive sector, I encourage you to check out these stories of injuries and a VR faceplant. People’s brains have accustomed to the virtual world and they are constantly hitting stuff and falling in the real world because they forget that those objects exist because they are so entrenched in the virtual world.

Image result for virtual realityImage result for virtual realityImage result for virtual reality

These people are captivated by the wonders of virtual reality! There are many exciting things to be looking forward to in the world of entertainment. If you are interested in getting a VR headset (for yourself or for another: it’s a great gift!), here some of the best headsets to purchase.

Perhaps in the distant future, people will be able to receive instantaneous electrical signals from wires to their brains and be able to watch television, movies, listen to music, and play games, all through the control of their brain. It’s all very exciting that’s for sure! And these benefits of the Internet will be made available to more and more people every year.

InternetThere are currently over 3.6 billion Internet users in the world; that’s about half the globe! (Internet Live Stats, 2017).

Entertainment has come a long way since ancient storytelling, jesters, and hide-and-seek. The Internet is much to thank!





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